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Bob Ruzicka Measures Up To Isaac Bruce Welcome to Compton and Sons new site...

Now that you have had a chance to "Meet the Crew," we thought you might want to know more about "What We Do." As you know, you can rely on Compton & Sons as your trade source partner for large format lithography with sheet sizes up to 54" x 77". 77 INCHES... that's taller than our company President, Bob Ruzicka, who tops out at 75". (6'3")

Pardon the pun but super large-format lithography is a growing market. Did you know all the different kinds of applications that we are called on to produce? You can provide these specialized printing services to your customers with complete confidence when you team up with Compton. You can count on the fact that your accounts are protected. We only produce large-format lithography and we depend on companies like yours for all of our business. Take a look at some of what we do.

Retail Store Signage Shopping Mall Display Stand-Up Display
  • Standees
  • POP Displays
  • Window Posters
  • Ceiling Dangler
  • Pallet Displays
  • Floor Displays
  • Bins
  • Box and carton Labels

Outdoor Posters -
  • 30-Sheet Billboards
  • 8-Sheet Billboards
  • Bulletins
30-Sheet Poster Bulletin and Super Bulletin
Eight Sheet Poster

Transit Vehicle Posters -
  • Super King & King Bus
  • Queen Bus
  • Bus Headlight, Tail Light, High Tail and Rear Displays
  • Taxi-Tops
  • Truck Displays
Queen Size King Size

Truck Display Super King-Size

Taxi Displays Headlight, Taillight Hightail and Rear Displays

Transit Displays -
  • Bus Shelters
  • Subway
  • Brand Train Posters
  • Airport & Bus Terminal Displays
  • Telephone Kiosks
Bus Shelter Display Telephone Kiosks
Transit/Rail Platform Interior Subway and Bus Cars

And don't forget -
  • Maps
  • Coloring Posters
  • Growth Charts
  • Mall Posters
  • Banners
  • Wild Posters
  • Time Lines